Our bespoke design service gives you ultimate creativity.

If you decide this option is for you, all your stationery will be designed completely from scratch to give you unique designs that truly reflect you and your vision for your wedding day. If you've got a theme for your wedding or are looking for something with a real wow factor to impress your guests, this option is perfect for you.

As part of this service we'll create a unique mood-board before design work begins to help inspire you. If you're looking for some bespoke illustrations we will work with you to bring your visions to life. In addition to our design background, Strawberry Script is also able to offer you different printing techniques, which can add a real touch of luxury to your designs. If you're not familiar with the different printing processes they can be a little difficult to understand, so we've put together a little summary.

Letterpress printing is a traditional technique that uses a printing press. Metal plates are inked up and then pressed down with force onto the sheet of paper. The ink is transferred onto the paper and leaves a physical impression, creating a beautiful, luxurious effect.

Hot foil printing is similar to letterpress printing in many ways. Metallic or pigmented foil is applied to a custom metal die - the die is then heated and stamped onto the paper so that a thin layer of foil permanently adheres to the paper surface.

Thermographic printing is a process that creates a raised ink effect - it can be used on text or line illustrations.  Printed sheets are coated with a powder that adheres to the wet ink before it is exposed to heat, which melts and raises the powdered ink. 

Foil edging is a process by which colour is applied to the edge of your stationery. It works best on heavier weight stocks of 500gsm or more, to maximise the visibility of the results.